Hey, this is the portfolio of me,


A pretty good design creative; crafting user experiences and other fun visual designs.

In the past 15 years or so I've had my hand in a bunch of cool projects on a ton of different mediums like mobile, gaming, web, desktop, and print.

I could drone on about holistic design ecosystems, optimizing interaction architecture, or the magical "it just works" feeling when the perfect harmonic balance between a UI and UX systems is struck -- but hey, you're here for the results.

VectorAdit - Advanced Well Diagnostics

An incredibly fun project in an out-of-left-field industry - natural gas, and oil rig diagnostics. Built as the first of it's kind, this desktop app took data from potentially hundreds of wells in a region, and distilled their data down to an easy to locate and digest data set. Visually pleasing graphs helped customers quickly track and document well performance and issues. Make sure you hit up the link below to watch the quick promo video I put together!


Fisker Karma Cluster

While working with the Fisker team on the rebirth of their flagship vehicle, Karma; I designed the UI and UX for their next generation of cluster systems.

Always on, high-fidelity screens, snappy processors and permanent data connections gave us the tools we needed to develop some (at the time) pretty unparalleled features.

Here is one of those concepts, leveraging an always-on screen to show battery status, high resolution 3D animations, and an evolving visual UI based on your current drive mode.


Cryptocurrency Wallet

Being a big advocate of the blockchain tech, and looking over the sea of dark and moody cryptocurrency systems out there, I set out to make a bit lighter, more welcoming mobile wallet interface that the every-man could understand and easily check their wallets and exchange coins.


Swizl is an alcohol based coupon redemption app, surrounded by fun and interesting related content (i.e. recipes, events, and articles). It was imperative Swizl stood out in brand and visual style (using cues from Memphis design principles) from the homogeneous cookie cutter feel of today's apps, while still aligning with familiar Android and iOS design patterns.

Through various user tests and user analytics, I led the charge on user experience; Evolving the product, and ftpensuring any expansion fit seamlessly within the overall Swizl brand message.


Star Citizen

One of my favorite and most ambitious projects to date; working with 300 people, across five studios, in four countries to develop the most high-tech, futuristic, crowd funded online space game ever conceived. My team and I created an incredible amount of interesting and beautifully immersive interfaces: from flight HUDs, shopping kiosks, racing scoreboards, ship and character customizations, galaxy traversal maps... the list goes on.

Be sure to watch the link below to see some interesting texture, wireframe and visual work.


S.K.A.T.E. Ultimate

I wanted to build a mobile app that skaters would take with them while sessioning at a park or on the street. It would help them progress in the sport and provide more varied and interesting experiences.

Everything was built around two core mechanics: A game of S.K.A.T.E. (think H.O.R.S.E., but on a skateboard) to play with your friends and suggest new tricks for everyone to try; and a teaching / progression system where players were suggested tricks, and upon completion, would log how and where they landed and were suggested logical new tricks to help push their skills and maybe try something they wouldn't have previously.


The exhaustingly varied world, characters and systems of Wildstar led to a very fun and complex game to help develop. As UI Lead, I helped guide a team of designers and engineers in solidifying the core user interface of Wildstar. Organizing and running user playtests, making sense of and utilizing player analytics, and engaging with the community to help our team empathize with our user base and create the most user centered interfaces and experiences possible (phew!).

I'm incredibly proud of my team in transitioning Wildstar into a Free to Play product (from subscription) by developing creative new MTX avenues, a complete in-game storefront, and concocting various player microtransaction hooks.


Medical Device Trainer

An interesting project to help train cardiologists in properly using a new medical device during a very specific type of heart surgery. As the sole UX / UI member on this team, it fell on me to not only fulfill the plethora of medical requirements for the app, but present them in a digestible, and delightful format. From building interactive training modules with anatomically accurate hearts, to gamifying user profiles and building stats, level, and achievements into their curriculum.


Surfline Surf Report

Surfline is the defacto spot when checking your morning surf report, however I felt their mobile presence could be expanded and improved upon to provide the same information surfers need while on the go.

This was an exploratory project that looked into making the forecast not only beautiful, but quick, and fun to use. It leveraged photos the community submits for surf spots, gave users all the pertinent info they needed right up top, and revealed hyper detailed reports with just a quick swipe.


I understand that everyone and their mother is a photographer these days and I'll never liken myself to a professional. These are, however, a few of the shots I've taken for various calendar, print, and media publications. Slightly nsfw.


Nexus Mod Manager

A redesign created for the popular game modification desktop app, Nexus Mod Manager, in an effort to placate concerns that the original was driving users away due to it's utilitarian visual design and overall complexity. I created a simplified and more user friendly experience; designing a new icon set, reorganizing the navigation structure, and creating a consistent visual language that still felt individually branded between different games.


Print Ads

I still enjoy the visceral feel of over the top heavy photoshoppery once in a while. People think there is not a lot of room for these types of designs, but I'm itching to integrate these styles into more of my more modern everyday designs. Slightly nsfw.



These are some photos I've shot throughout my journeys; from Africa, Europe, and throughout The United States. I've been very blessed in the opportunities I've been given that have allowed me to travel and live about various parts of the world.


Hardware Constrained UI

This one is out of left field, but hear me out. An exercise in designing an intuitive user experience and interface under unidealistic conditions with pre-existing hardware constraints. There is an accompanying article to help explain the rationale and process.

It's not much, but what irks me about the social-networked communities of today is that everything designed in a vacuum, under the perfect, most unrealistic circumstances to impress their peers. This was a small step in expanding outside that.


Fantasy Game HUD

A visual experiment in building a skeuomorphic hud for a fantasy game. I used a screenshot from the Witcher 3 as a base and built from that style and world - looking to build a UI that felt immersive and belonging, but didn't get in the way of the important player information.



My first foray into games was an exhilarating one. This game was more of an educational experience: approaching UI and UX in a less then traditional sense to maximize player enjoyment and not purely focus on getting from point A to B. Realizing how large of a role animation and auditory stimulation play to delight and engage the player. A slew of new information I have thoughtfully woven into my design ideology as I move forward into other mediums.


Electric Vehicle HMI

Various vehicle interfaces I've had the pleasure to work on. While the data sets between projects are mostly the same, they all required a unique visual style that matched the look and feel of the vehicle's shape language. For example, working with a particular boat manufacturer had us creating a more aggressively shaped interface that matched the tight shapes of the boat itself. Check out a time-lapse breakdown of the process.

Misc. Exploration

I tinker during my downtime, mostly to familiarize myself further with mobile patterns and small problem solving exercises. You can see some of these pieces over on UpLabs, Dribbble, or YouTube.

Oh, Hello Friend.

I always feel incredibly honored when people enjoy my designs, so I really appreciate you taking the time to look around.

I'm always open for collaborating, taking on new projects, and consulting. If you have something cool going on or just want to say "Hey", please reach out!